Australian 4WD Hire

Holiday excursions in Australia have never been more fun thanks to 4WD Camper hire. The 4WD camper hire is a great way for a business to save money over a hotel stay. It is also a great way for a family to go on holiday in the Aussie outback.

There are 4WD camper hire companies all over Australia and can be found in every major city. The 4WD camper comes in a variety of styles and comfort levels and is affordable to all.

Some of the different types of campers for hire are:

  • 4WD rooftop camper. These campers are extremely popular. They offer the ultimate in off road 4WD capabilities and at the end of the day you can pop up the tent and camp in style. There are several different models and you should check with your local 4WD hire to see what is available in your area. Some models have refrigerators and cooking stoves while others are bare and inexpensive.
  • 4WD Hi-tops. There are several models of Hi-tops. Usually, a hard top is mounted atop 4WD vehicle and camping equipment and beds provided. These campers are very popular because they usually offer everything you need to camp in style and still allow you to get anywhere you want to travel.
  • Camper Van/Motor home. The ultimate in camping in comfort. The camper van comes in many styles and from a wide variety of manufacturers. The camper van model does not always come in 4WD and often is too large for some camp sites so you should check your destination for availability.

There are 4WD camper hire companies all over Australia. You can find them in your local paper, Internet search or phone book. Here are just a few of the 4WD hire companies in Australia:

  • Britz Australia: One of the largest 4WD camper hires in Australia. Offers all the popular varieties.
  • Maui Australia: Has a very new fleet. Has a large selection of 2 - 6 berth motor homes.
  • Backpacker Australia: Offers 4WD hire virtually everywhere in Australia. Explore Australia in style and comfort.

This is just a small sampling of the many 4WD camper hire companies available.